Nelson House, Langstone Business Park NP18 2LH

Dr Joanna Kileff

Honorary Treasurer

I qualified from the University of Birmingham in 1997, started my career at Southampton General Hospital and chose to specialize in neurology in 1999.  I have worked in acute, and more recently rehab and outpatient settings since then.  Since 2003 I have also been a lecturer in physio, leading the neuro stream at the University of Southampton.  I coordinate and teach on the neuro modules, as well as being the practise academic liaison lead, organising all the physio placements and educating and updating our supporting clinicians.  The neuro team were proud to get the SHINE award this year, for hearing the patient voice in education and training, a testament to the importance we place on involving patients in the delivery of our modules.

I have a particular clinical interest in MS, ME and Stroke and have been involved in research on both MS and stroke, and also studies considering the ‘expert patient’.  I enjoy the balance of clinical and teaching, allowing me to impart up to date clinical skills and research to the students.