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ACPIN is one of the largest Professional Networks recognised by the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy. It is concerned with all aspects of physiotherapy related to the needs of neurologically impaired adults and their relatives and carers.

ACPIN is a dynamic and proactive group. Its function is to encourage the pursuit of excellence in the field of neurological physiotherapy practice. If you are interested in finding out more about ACPIN, please contact us.


Click above to complete the forms for new membership, renewals, and any change of details. You may pay by direct debit or by cheque. Follow the link above for more details.

Please note, if you pay ACPIN by direct debit, you are automatically renewed for 2016. If you need to update your details, please follow the membership link above and choose 'Change Details'.

Please email the Membership Secretary, if you require further information.


NEW Petition calling on the government to commit to a new national Stroke strategy for England

Please take one minute today, right now, to sign our petition calling on the government to commit to a new national Stroke strategy for England after the current one runs out in 2017... read more

2016 National Clinical Guidelines for Stroke

The ACPIN response to the draft RCP Stroke guideline consultation which ended on 22nd April has been completed by Professor Sarah Tyson and supported by Dr Praveen Kumar, Dr Steven Ashford and Professor Fiona Jones

ACPIN members Nicola Hancock and Cherry Kilbride are representatives in the RCP guideline development group for ACPIN and the CSP. We would like to thank all of them for their time and commitment in contributing to the development of these important guidelines which is done in their own time. Click here to download (Microsoft Word)

WCPT publishes disaster management report

A new WCPT report, published this month, advocates for physical therapy involvement in disaster management. The report points to the need for high quality rehabilitation after disasters, as well as emphasising that the role of physical therapists is not limited to direct provision of rehabilitation. It embraces preparedness and recovery and can include assessment, coordination, psycho-social support and advocacy. The Role of Physical Therapists in Disaster Management is available for download

WCPT pledges support for HCiD campaign

Summary WCPT pledged its support to the international Committee of the Red Cross Health Care in Danger (HCiD) campaign raising awareness of the impact of violence on health professionals in conflict areas. The official pledge asserts that physical therapy plays a vital role in dealing with the health problems and functional limitations that are the direct consequence of armed violence and the use of landmines and other weapons of war.Read the full WCPT News article here

National Project Officers for Parkinsons AGM reports

Bhanu Ramaswamy and Fiona Lindop continue to be involved in several projects as Parkinsons Project Officers for ACPIN and also for AGILE. During the past year, these have included… read more

Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) on Management of Spinal Cord Injuries

Download report on an online course on the management of Spinal Cord Injuries ran by SCI World in Sydney, Australia.

NeurosplintingcoverSplinting for the prevention and correction of contractures in adults with neurological dysfunction

This practice guideline provides specific recommendations to support clinical practice and decision-making in splinting … read more

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Last updated Monday, May 23, 2016


NEW ACPIN/COT SSNP Splinting Guidelines

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