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Why Synapse is an excellent vehicle for advertising

Synapse distribution is targeted to a group of health professionals, not only physiotherapists.

It has links with both undergraduate and postgraduate physiotherapy.

The readership have sought out this Clinical Interest Group and are dedicated, highly specific, career-minded professionals.

It is an excellent forum for you to advertise products relevant to physiotherapists working in neurology, whose expertise and quality decision making heavily influence the product purchasing of managers.

Display advertisements

Type area

Size mm (h x w)

Cost (£)

Full page

Full page bleed

Half page horizontal

Half page vertical

Quarter page vertical

Single column (or part thereof)

234 x 180

286 x 213

114 x 180

234 x 87.5

114 x 87.5

234 (max) x 70







Production details

Now full-colour (CMYK) throughout – minimum 300dpi resolution.
Originals to be supplied in digital form as Adobe Acrobat PDF’s or as original Adobe Illustrator documents or EPS, TIFF or JPEG files. Please note that PDF files should be high resolution, press-ready files with all fonts embedded and that Illustrator/EPS files should have all fonts turned to outline.

Publication date

Please refer to the Synapse editor for these.

Terms and conditions of acceptance of advertisements for Synapse

Orders are only accepted providing they conform to the following conditions:

1. The Committe of Synapse reserves the right to refuse or amend any advertisement whether part of a series or not, without any explanation and will not accept liability for printers’ errors, although every care is taken to avoid mistakes.

2. Advertisements are inserted only on the terms that the advertiser and/or his agents accept full responsibility and will indemnify the Association of Chartered Physiotherapists In Neurology (ACPIN) against all claims, actions, demands, loss, costs, charges and expenses which ACPIN may incur or which may arise by reason of the publication of any advertisement.

3. Advertisement orders are accepted on the strict understanding that in the event of the advertiser wishing to cancel, notice must be given in writing to be received no later than the last day of the month prior to the month of publication.

4. No responsibility can be accepted for failure to insert any advertisement upon any specified date.

5. ACPIN will accept manufacturers’ advertisement orders on the strict understanding that all advertisers and/or their agents will submit all new advertisement copy for inclusion in the periodical no later than the last day of the month prior to the month of publication.

6. ACPIN cannot accept responsibility for any changes from advertisers and/or their agents who have submitted copy/artwork for approval and reserves the right to make a charge for any costs incurred in amending same.

7. Advertisers’ property, artwork etc, are held and used at owner’s risk and should be insured by the advertisers and/or their agents against fire and other damage.

8. ACPIN reserves the right to destroy all advertisement copy and artwork which has been in its custody for one year or more, provided that the advertisers and/or their agents have not given written instructions to the contrary.

To book space call the Synapse editor Dr Praveen Kumar.

For technical/production details contact kwgraphicdesign.