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Adine Adonis

Chair and Governance

Neurological physiotherapy has been my passion for more than 20 years, and I have a strong desire to raise its profile. My experience clinically, within research and higher education helps me to do so across different platforms. My clinical experience has spanned South Africa and United Kingdom across a variety of sectors from primary to tertiary care. I have worked with patients, carers and multidisciplinary colleagues across local and regional strategic networks; and led teams of neurological physiotherapists.

I currently work at St Mary’s Hospital in London, part of Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust.

My passion is nurtured by my interaction with patients and specifically, my cohort of neurological patients seen at our specialist national centre. Our national and international collaboration, and our satellite clinics throughout the UK, provide many opportunities to advocate for neurological physiotherapy. My recent patient and public involvement grant award has allowed me to explore what matters most to neurological patients.

My higher education institute teaching experience and ​being a fellow of the Higher Education Academy, has allowed me to demonstrate my commitment to neurological physiotherapy and continually transmit it to undergraduates and post graduates. I have completed a Research Fellowship aimed at the use of outcome measurement in clinical practice. The experience of leading my own research program has drawn on project management, organisational, budgetary and practical skills. My next research project allows me to collaborate with external teams to explore pain in my patient cohort.I am a co-author on over 12 peer- reviewed publications.

In ACPIN, I am currently serving as Chair, having previously been the Vice Chair, Public Relations Officer and  Hon Secretary. I am excited and passionate about ACPIN’s past, our achievements and our future aspirations​. I enjoy working with individuals who like me, are driven to succeed and who are committed to working towards a common goal. I firmly believe that as an ACPIN community we can continue to achieve more together and I am committed to ACPIN’s vision.