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Eleanor Butler

Conferences and Sectoral Networks

I have a clinical background in all areas of neurological physiotherapy from critical care through to community settings in both the NHS and private sectors, giving me a good awareness of the different challenges posed to many ACPIN members. My current role developing a regional neuromuscular service has provided me with the exciting opportunity to establish wholly patient centred, needs based therapy provision. I link across many NHS Trusts, teams and individuals in a strategic and motivational way to drive development of the service, demonstrating my ability to operate in a consultative and collegiate manner.
I am able to effectively represent myself and others clearly and succinctly which is beneficial in this role. I have demonstrated on many occasions that I can work effectively as part of a team supports the Board in making the best decisions for those it represents across all areas of strategy, education and establishing and strengthening connections.

I feel passionately about inspiring the next generation of graduates to consider a career within neurological physiotherapy, and raising awareness of ACPIN by building closer links with higher education will ensure training is driven by clinical demands and expectations. We must continue striving to improve links between clinicians and researchers, to empower clinical practice through evidence and allow those at the frontline to support and drive research questions.

I believe that my broad clinical experience and enthusiasm for the future of neurological physiotherapy allows me to represent a wide spectrum of ACPIN members. I work hard to help ACPIN become a well-recognised and acclaimed specialist professional group, ensuring that our skills and experience are promoted on a global stage. I assist in driving forward the advancements both nationally and internationally that ACPIN plans to make within the sphere of neurological rehabilitation.

My portfolio focuses on conference planning and delivery and the establishment and support of sectoral networks. ACPIN has been delivering conferences at an outstanding level on the cutting edge of international research collaboration and sharing of best practice and we will challenge ourselves to keep pushing these limits to ensure the best experience for ACPIN members.